Fairly regularly, I get requests for gold veils with the caveat “please not yellow”. Rest assured, if you request “gold” from me, you will NOT get yellow! Gold and silver are a bellydancer’s “neutral” tones. Gold/black and Silver/black gradients are my best-selling gradients for a good reason: they’ll go with lots of costumes. My “gold”, while not truly metallic of course, are made to match your gold beads, sequins, and coins. Combined with the natural luminousness of the silk, they really do look almost metallic gold. I can even tweak the dye mixture to go with old/tarnished gold tones, or bright gold (or perhaps I should call these options 10k, 14k, and 24k). Your choice. Gold also pairs especially well with purples, pinks, reds, teals, and well, just about anything for a gradient veil.

_DSC8448 goldpurple tobaccokissed